Top 10 Icelandic HOT list by Complex Magazine USA

icelandfinalToday the 17th June marks Icelands 65th year of independence, and wed like nothing more than to join in the celebration. According to the U.N., Iceland is the worlds most progressive society. The Nordic wonderland has the second longest-living population, significantly more women than men, and it also boasts the only openly gay leader in the world. Translation: Beautiful cougars roam the majestic landscape looking for men who actually dig women.

We put together a steaming-hot list from the place so nice they named it Ice. Presenting the 9 hottest women from Iceland

#9 Bjrk

Bjrk is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter best known for her unique sound, which, if youre not familiar, sounds like a mash-up of a Broadway show and an ecstasy party. Yeah, shes not conventionally pretty, but we bet the fuck-faces (and sound effects) are something else.

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#8 Anita Briem

Shes an international actress who recently starred Journey to the Center of the Earth. Theres nothing like a good, wholesome girl who knows how to deal with rock-hard surfaces.

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#7 Berglind Icey

St. Pauli beer maiden by day and competitive swimmer by night, Berglind So Icey is a girl you can bring home to Mom. Gucci!

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#6 Unnur Birna

After being crowned Miss World in 2005, Unnur went straight to law school. This girls got straight to the top, written all over her, which is unfortunate because all we want is for her to go down.

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#5 Elisabet Davsdttir

The Icelandic version of Penelope Cruz, Elisabet was named Ford Supermodel of the World in 1997. Yeah, it was over a decade ago, so what.

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#4 Yohanna

This singer repped Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. Her song Is it True? won second place. So, is it true Yohannas gaze could melt the ice in our Jamesons? Definitely..

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#3 Malla Kjartansdttir

Shes a beautiful model, even if her name sounds like some Swedish hockey star. Shes got Nordic in her, but what about Ourdic?

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#2 Thelma

Who could forget good ol Thelma? Has Victorias Secret ever failed us? Nope. (g er nokku viss um a etta s samt ekki mynd af Thelmu...)

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#1 sds Rn

The most famous celebrity model in all of Iceland, Asdis grabs the gold by a longshot. You cant pass on Ass-dis good.


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1 Smmynd: mar Ingi



mar Ingi, 20.6.2009 kl. 22:00

2 identicon

Heheh rt svo vinsl.

a er meira segja slenskt dauarokksband a syngja lag um ig :D

Kalli (IP-tala skr) 26.6.2009 kl. 12:44

3 Smmynd: Ari Jsepsson

a sem g elska vi ig er a ert hrdd vi a vera :)

Og a kemur r lngt :)

Kv Ari

Ari Jsepsson, 28.6.2009 kl. 18:25

4 identicon

Augljst er a greinarhfundur er enn anal-stiginu.

H.T. Bjarnason (IP-tala skr) 20.7.2009 kl. 18:38

5 identicon

sds hefur etta allt, og veist nkvmlega hva tlar a f tr lfinu ;)

G er svo ng fyrir na hnd, og haldu rtrau fram nu striki fram dllan mn :*

Verur a hitta mig egar kemur nst klakan :) Verum kkja t a bora or some :) g panta a :)

Linda r Sveinsdttir (IP-tala skr) 2.8.2009 kl. 07:14

Bta vi athugasemd

Ekki er lengur hgt a skrifa athugasemdir vi frsluna, ar sem tmamrk athugasemdir eru liin.

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